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Instagram now lets you post 10 photos and videos at once

You can swipe through them like slideshows. It's part of Instagram's push toward more casual photo sharing.

You can now post videos and photos in a slideshow format.


To all those people who can never figure out which photo they want to post from that birthday party or concert, Instagram has a suggestion: Post 'em all.

The Facebook-owned app said Wednesday it will let people upload and post up to 10 videos and photos at a time. You'll be able to swipe through them on your Instagram feed like slideshows or photo carousels.

The move comes as some of the conventional wisdom of social networks is changing, largely thanks to the rise of Snapchat. Facebook's rival ushered in an era of casual social networking with its focus on disappearing photos and videos. Instead of sharing just highlights of your day, you could share everything, from the mundane to the amusing.

Instagram wants to get in on that. So now it's telling its users: Don't just post the highlight of the party -- post it all.

The multiple photos feature is not Instagram's first attempt to create a more relaxed attitude around sharing. In August, it cloned one of Snapchat's most popular features and called it Instagram Stories, which lets people post strings of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Now Stories has more than 150 million users a day.

Previously, photo carousels were only available to advertisers, but now they're coming to everyone.

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