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Instagram adds stickers for local businesses to offer gift cards, delivery

The social media platform is making it easier for small businesses to make sales amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Small businesses can add stickers to their profiles and Stories to make it easier for customers to order food and gift cards.

Social media platform Instagram is making it easier for small businesses to share gift card, food order and fundraiser stickers in their profile and Stories, an effort to ease some of the challenges many are facing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

When you use Instagram, you can tap the sticker to make a purchase through the business's site. This feature will be available in the US and Canada on Wednesday, and will roll out globally in the coming weeks, according to an Instagram blog post. Fundraisers -- coming soon, the post said -- will open Facebook (which owns Instagram) to the page of personal fundraisers created by business owners or their supporters. 

If you use Instagram, you can spread the word and support small businesses by resharing the stickers in your own Stories. 

"For many businesses right now, every sale helps," the blog post said. "We'll continue to work on features that make it easier to support the small businesses you care about."

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