Infinity Blade to add multiplayer with Game Center, new areas and weapons

A 'coming soon' option in Infinity Blade's pause menu details upcoming features, including multiplayer with Game Center support, new areas to explore and all-new weaponry. Tidy.

We're massive fans of Infinity Blade -- the eye-meltingly gorgeous iPhone game that was unleashed on the App Store today. We've written up a proper review (hint: we like it), but already it looks as if Infinity Blade fans might be in for some rather tasty updates in the near future.

As spotted, in the 'coming soon' section of the game's pause menu there's a list of features that developer Chair Entertainment promises to implement soon.

On the list is a multiplayer mode with support for Game Center, the iPhone's online gaming hub. We can only imagine what form multiplayer Infinity Blade will take, but we wager you'll be duelling your friends online, using your lightning-fast reactions to parry and dodge each others' sword swings before stabbing them repeatedly in the face, then exiting to the home screen and phoning them to tell them they're stupid.

The 'coming soon' screen also details a 'new area to conquer'. "Descend into the dread dungeons, but beware -- legends whisper that titans even more powerful than the God-King are bound inside, guardians to his most valuable treasures..."

Doesn't sound very appealing if you ask us -- we'd rather let the titans stay bound and get by without the most valuable treasures. After all, mo' money mo' problems.

Elsewhere new enemies are promised, as well as "new swords, shields, helmets and magic rings to collect and master". Neat.

It's reassuring to see that Infinity Blade's makers are keen to expand the game -- we've had muchos fun playing over the last couple of days, and it won't be long before we're hankering for more.