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Indie Gala Mobile bundles Android games for a good cause

Name your price for four cool indie games, or pay above the average to get three additional games for PC. Either way, you're helping worthy charities.

Indie Gala

Game bundles are fairly commonplace these days, but most of them focus on PC and/or Mac titles. Here's something a little different.

Indie Gala Mobile lets you set your own price for four Android games, with the proceeds going to your choice of destinations, including two worthwhile charities.

Available through Friday, June 22, the bundle includes the following titles:

The minimum buy-in is $1 -- a small price to pay given that the games have a combined value of around $10. But if you pony up at least $4.63, the current average purchase price, you'll get not only the PC versions of each (except for Great Little War Game), but also three additional PC titles: Manor of the Damned, Pitiri 1977, and Turba.

That's an awful lot of gaming goodness for less than $5. Of course, feel free to open your wallet a bit wider, as you can allot any portion of your payment to Able Gamers and Help Emilia, two great causes. (You can also "tip" the Gala folks and/or steer some funds toward the developers, always a nice idea.)

If you like games and own an Android device, this is an easy decision. Buy the bundle!