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In Super Bowl ad, Mint Mobile tries to win customers with chunky milk

Gross but effective, this advert for Mint Mobile may make you give up dairy.

This year's Super Bowl 2019 commercials creeped viewers out or inspired them but this Super Bowl ad from Mint Mobile turned  stomachs. 

Because Mint Mobile wants to attract more customers one glass of chunky-style milk at a time. 

In a new commercial -- which ran during Sunday's Super Bowl  -- Mint Mobile advertises a deal for wireless internet for $20 a month, with two months free. (Learn more about Mint Mobile's deal.) That deal includes 8GB per month of 4G LTE plus unlimited talk and text messaging.

But when the possible customer in the commercial says, "That's not right," Mint Mobile's mascot assures him it is right, whereas chunky-style milk, well not so much. 

We see not only chunky milk in all it's textured glory, but people actually drinking it. Yuck.

People reacted on social media just as you might expect, with a collective sigh of repulsion. 

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