Imeem updates Android app and launches VIP service

The constant updates to Imeem Mobile have made it the most popular streaming music app for Android.

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Imeem streams free music to your Android phone. Imeem

Imeem, a social networking service centered around music, released an update to its free Android app this month and a new VIP service.

With the update, users can now add a widget to their desktop that includes play, pause, and skip controls. What's more, tapping the song title will now launch the full application.

Imeem is also encouraging mobile users to sign up for a new VIP subscription service that will offer expanded storage space. While a free account lets you store only 100 songs in the clouds, the VIP service raises the limit to 1,000 songs with a $29 annual fee. Heavy music users can also opt for the VIP Plus service, which allows you to upload 20,000 songs at $99 per year.

Originally launched on the Android platform, Imeem has now achieved 1 million installs across all mobile platforms and is one of the most popular music apps for Android users.

When it first launched, Imeem users could stream Internet radio and purchase favorite songs from the Amazon MP3 store. Later updates allowed users to hear the most popular music in their area based on the phone's location and upload music from their PC or iTunes account for streaming on their mobile device.