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Image hints at a Samsung Galaxy Note for Sprint

A new image tenuously suggests that Sprint could offer Samsung's massive Galaxy Note.

A hint of things to come?

Sprint could be the next wireless carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note, at least according to one image found online.

TechnoBuffalo discovered the massive 5.3-inch smartphone prominently displayed in one of the provider's online marketing tools. Although the handset is advertising a link for Mobile Controls, TechnoBuffalo surmises that the image strongly resembles Samsung's titanic device.

Of course, this singular graphic is far from proof of any Samsung and Sprint announcements. On the other hand, after seeing this, I wouldn't be shocked if they did.

Samsung has a history of releasing the same model across multiple carriers, and the stylus-packing Galaxy Note has already proven to be a popular smartphone.

Rumors of a Sprint version of the Galaxy Note first surfaced back in January shortly after AT&T was tapped as the exclusive carrier. Analyst Paul Mueller suggested that both Sprint and Verizon would be carrying the device, possibly under the name of Galaxy Journal.

We're only a few weeks away from CTIA, where Sprint could potentially make its announcement. Assuming these rumors come to fruition, we might look for another 4G LTE smartphone, possibly with NFC and Google Wallet support.