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iLuv ships Mo'Beats portable stereo Bluetooth speaker stand

iLuv's new speaker stand has a built-in rechargeable battery and works with tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

iLuv's Mo'Beats iSP245 is available now for around $75 (click to enlarge).

Though it's listed as out of stock on its own Web site, iLuv tells me that it's begun shipping its Mo'Beats iSP245 portable stereo Bluetooth speaker stand.

Since it uses Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, you can use the Mo'Beats with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smartphone, or laptop, though it's more ideally suited for tablets. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for mobile use and there's an auxiliary input to connect non Bluetooth-enabled devices.

iLuv's highlighting the product's "cradle" design, which allows for either landscape or portrait viewing "while accommodating most cases." Naturally, iLuv says the speakers produce excellent sound for its size and slim form factor.

While the company says the iSP245 will have a street price of $89.99, I did see it on Amazon for closer to $75. As soon as I get my hands on one, I'll let you know how it really sounds.

The Bluetooth speaker stand will prop up just about any tablet or smartphone. iLuv