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iHome iH8: Wake up to your favourite podcasts

iHome's little iH8 is a bedside FM radio alarm clock with an ever-useful iPod docking station in the top. For about £65 it looks like a smashing choice

Read phonetically it may appear that this little alarm clock is called the 'I hate', but there's not a great deal to hate about iHome's iH8. It's an inoffensive little iPod-dockable alarm clock, similar in function to those seen from PURE Digital, minus the DAB functionality.

DAB can, on occasion, stand for 'Don't Always Bother', because at 6:30am when you were in the middle of a pleasant dream in which you were canoodling with Mena Suvari, its reception quality isn't going to make much difference, and for many people, FM's just fine.

Which is why these cute bedside companions are so attractive, and with an iPod dock thrown into the mix there's no reason why you can't be woken by a podcast, perhaps even our lovely Crave podcast -- who wouldn't want to be woken by Ian yelling about something? Or maybe Rory shouting "Koch"? And let us not forget the ever-blissful experience of being woken by a lugubrious Goodwins innuendo.

So for those of you craving to be woken by Crave, something like iHome's iH8 could be a godsend. It's on sale now for about £65. -Nate Lanxon