What you missed at Europe's biggest tech show (Day 1)

With new devices from Samsung, Lenovo and Acer, the first day of IFA 2016 is already off to a busy start.

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Europe's largest electronics show, IFA 2016, kicks off this week and it's already brimming with new gadgets and appliances. Held in Berlin, Germany, the show includes 240,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors all trying to show off their latest tech gadgets.

Today marks the end of Day 1, and there were big announcements from Samsung, Lenovo/Motorola and Acer. Other appliance companies also unveiled their various devices, which range from cookers to vacuums.

To see the most important news, check out our roundup below, and be sure to check back often with CNET as the rest of the show unfolds throughout the week.

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  • Samsung introduced a new smartwatch: The Gear S3 from Samsung is bigger and more stylized than iterations past, with a rotating bezel and steel encasing. The device also has a 380mAh battery and Samsung Pay, and it runs a Tizen-based OS (but is compatible with Android -- and eventually iOS -- phones).
  • Acer has a ridiculous gaming laptop: Tilting the scales at 17 pounds (or about 8 kilograms), the Predator 21 X is the world's first laptop with a curved screen. And while that may sound cool, it also needs two power supplies, five system fans and eight heat pipes. It will also cost a bit more than $5,000 (£3,820 or AU£6,661).
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The Yoga Book from Lenovo.

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  • There's a new Moto phone: Known as the Moto Z Play, the phone features magnetic modular accessories, just like the Moto Z and Z Force. The Z Play, however, is more affordable, has a headphone jack and a larger battery. In the US, it will only come to Verizon for about $400. Motorola also introduced a new camera module for the phone, called the Hasselblad True Zoom.
  • Lenovo launched of other stuff too: In addition to the Moto Z, Lenovo launched the Yoga Book (a tablet/laptop hybrid with a unique "Halo Keyboard"), the 13.9-inch Yoga 910 laptop and the 10.1-inch Yoga Tab 3 Plus tablet.
  • Bosch showed off a bunch of appliances: Along with a multicooker, German appliance maker Bosch has an app that includes 100 recipes that uses said multicooker (don't worry, there's a regular cookbook too, for all you analog folks). Other appliances demoed include a dishwasher that uses a special zeolite mineral, an outdoor camera and a smoke detector.
  • Miele wants to take on Dyson: Reversing the stance it took when it originally said "bagless vacuum cleaning is not an option for our company," German based company Miele revealed its first bagless vacuum, the Blizzard CX1, which it hopes can go head-to-head against Dyson's line of high-end, multi-cyclone vacuums.