If 280 characters won't do, Twitter will help you tweetstorm

The social network is testing a tweetstorm function in its iOS and Android app. Make it rain!

It may soon be easier for you to create a Twitter blizzard.
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The new function allows you to write a series of tweets and send them all at the same time. 

Screenshot by Justin Cauchon.

The virtual forecast calls for storms. Tweetstorms.

Twitter said Thursday that it's testing a function that'll let users fire off a series of linked messages, commonly known as a tweetstorm, in a single blast rather than one by one. The function is currently available to some people testing iOS and Android versions of the app. 

The tweetstorm function, spotted earlier by Android Police, was discovered as a hidden feature in Twitter's Android app in September. At the time, Twitter was mum on whether it was developing a feature to help users pack more into their tweeting. 

Since then, the social media platform has doubled the length of tweets it allows to 280 characters

The testing of the tweetstorm function comes as Twitter wrestles with how it should manage its platform. The company has come under fire for providing a platform to Russian propagandists, hate mongers and everyday harassers. 

On Wednesday, Twitter took steps to curb abuses on the platform, stripping away its coveted blue verification badge from a pair of white nationalists. Twitter has long offered the badge as a way of authenticating accounts that are of public interest, handing them out to public figures and organizations in entertainment, politics, business, sports and the media.

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