iDrink breathalyzer iPhone case comes with driving game

The iDrink concept puts a new spin on the smartphone breathalyzer by including a game that gets more difficult the more you drink.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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The breathalyzer pops out of the back of the case. iDrink

Some day soon, your iPhone may tell you if you're drunk, show you exactly how drunk you are and help you hail a cab to get home. That's the idea behind the iDrink case on Indiegogo. The case is designed to contain a breathalyzer with its own battery. It sends your blood alcohol content data to an app. A driving game within the app increases in difficulty with higher BAC readings.

Personal-use breathalyzers have been on the market for some time. The iDrink's selling point is more about the convenience of having one integrated into your iPhone case along with the allure of adding a game into the mix.

The renders for the case also show it with a built-in bottle opener. While this may be seen as encouraging you to drink, at least you'll have a breathalyzer and taxi-hailing app handy to encourage you to get home safely.

Kyle Roberts, president of iDrink, tells Crave the device is in the middle of prototyping right now with both the initial prototype and software expected to be completed within 14 weeks. Whether or not you consider backing the campaign may partly depend on your comfort level with putting money toward a project that hasn't completed a prototype yet.

The iDrink fixed-funding campaign is aiming to raise $20,000. With 28 days left to go, it has attracted $850. The pledge level for a first-edition case for the iPhone 6 is $150.

The iDrink team is clear that the device will be for reference use only and will not be FDA-approved. You don't need an iPhone case and a game to tell you you shouldn't drink and drive, but if this product comes to be, it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.