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iCatchall: 27 apps for free--Monday only

Make no mistake: some of these apps aren't worth the icons they're hiding behind. But iCatchall does have more than a handful of genuinely useful tools.

On Monday only, get 27 apps for the price of, well, none.

What's better than 27 apps for 99 cents? Why, 27 apps for zero cents, of course.

That's what you get from iCatchall, which, like last week's App Genie, delivers more than two dozen tools under one app roof. Normally it's 99 cents, but in conjunction with previously mentioned Free App a Day, iCatchall is free on Monday (and only this Monday).

As you might expect, there's a bit of overlap between these two kitchen-sink apps--but less than you might think. iCatchall is actually a mix of tools, games, and sound effects.

Instead of cramming everything onto a single screen like App Genie, iCatchall spreads its icons across four pages, which you swipe through just like the iPhone's own app pages. You can't reorganize the icons, but at least they're alphabetical.

The Fun and Games page contains mostly junk--unless you're into dealing cards (seriously, that's all you do), stacking poker chips, and watching two flaming balls of fire, well, flame. Only the two-player Texas Hold 'Em and Kitchen Sink resemble actual games, and they're both weak showings.

As for the sound effects, you get a rim-shot, a clapping studio audience, randomized samples of someone saying "huh?", and the inevitable flatulence.

Thankfully, some of iCatchall's apps have actual merit. ContactClone, for instance, lets you wirelessly share contacts with other iPod and iPhone users on the same Wi-Fi network. Very handy.

File Storage turns your device into a wireless flash drive. Just point your PC's Web browser to the IP address shown in the app, then choose files to upload. Again, very handy.

I also like the Reward For Return app, which generates a custom wallpaper with your contact information, so anyone who finds your iPhone or iPod can easily return it.

iCatchall's other tools include currency and unit converters, a tip calculator, a phases-of-the-moon viewer, a ruler, and a three-axis level. It's all good stuff.

And, hey, you can't argue with the price. iCatchall may be 50 percent junk, but it's also 50 percent useful--and 100 percent free if you grab it before midnight.