IBM notes migration

Hoping to move its legacy email users to its Lotus Notes groupware, IBM announces client software and migration tools for IBM OfficeVision users.

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Hoping to move its huge body of legacy email users to its recently acquired Lotus Development's Notes groupware, IBM (IBM) today announced client software and migration tools for IBM OfficeVision users.

The tools are designed for companies looking for a "safe and efficient path" to follow Lotus Notes onto the Internet. Notes 4.0, which was introduced earlier this year, marked Lotus's move to embrace the Internet with a client-server messaging engine and the global access and distribution capabilities of the Web. The next generation Notes 4.5 is currently in beta and is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter.

Lotus Notes Migration Toolkit allows customers to design their own migration tools for moving from legacy email systems, such as Digital Equipment's All-in-1 and from OfficeVision users on VM, MVS, and AS/400 systems, to Notes. The toolkit includes an extraction mechanism to move data into a defined file format and a migration engine to move directories, messages, folders, distribution lists, calendar information, and other data to Notes.

In addition to the custom toolkit, Lotus is building OfficeVision support into its Notes client software that allows customers to use the system and the Notes client at the same time to smooth the transition to Notes.

IBM and its Lotus subsidiary are also providing planning, implementation, and support help for business customers with complex migration patters, the companies said.

The new tools are meant to complement older migration technology. IBM, Lotus, and Lotus subsidiary Soft-Switch already help companies establish interoperability and conversion from older systems including Lotus's cc:Mail messaging system.

Lotus has not announced pricing. The toolkits will be available in the first quarter of 1997. OfficeVision tools will ship after the debut of Notes 4.5 this year.