I saw the iPhone and decided to wait--about 5 minutes

Ronn wasn't going to be smitten. Or so he thought.

Ronn Owens
Ronn Owens is a host for KGO Radio. When not working on his daily talk show, he is pursuing the latest in cell phones.
Ronn Owens
The iPhone
How do you keep your hands off this thing? CNET Networks

By the time it came out, I was ready to resist. A two-week vacation in Europe helped--Rome isn't exactly packed with Apple outlets.

I read every review, talked to every friend who had one, weighed the pros and cons. And for once, logic prevailed. Wait for the next one, I said. It'll have most of the bugs fixed.

Then I played with one.

If you're in the same "should I or shouldn't I" dilemma, avoid AT&T or Apple stores because once you see and feel the iPhone, you'll be sorely tempted.

But just remember it's like meeting a woman in Las Vegas and getting married that night. Are you sure you're going to want that commitment two years from now?

So what grabbed me? The ease of use, the sharp screen quality, the solid quality of the product. Enough to win me over.

I'd seen the tests on the web (unbreakable, impossible to scratch,) yet treated it gingerly. Surprisingly, most people I showed it to had not touched it before. Obviously, everyone was impressed with it's abilities. Yet only one of my friends liked it enough to buy one immediately. Not sure how telling that is.

To say it fits in your pocket comfortably is a bit of a stretch. Both the weight and the length make that idea questionable. Yet there is no denying it takes mobility to another level.