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Hunt your lover like a dog with World Tracker for mobiles

Wondering whether someone is really where they say they are? As long as they're carrying a mobile phone you can find them with World Tracker

Valentine's Day may be a fading memory, but there's plenty to reflect on. If you're anything like Crave, you'll have successfully seduced your significant other with flowers, a vegan fondue and some Jedi mind tricks (otherwise known as 'weeping and begging').

But having won your true love's heart, it's only a matter of time before the relationship sours and you're besieged by jealousy every time they leave the house. Following them to the bus stop in a fit of tears isn't a good look, as that could lead to some sort of restraining order. You could try building mutual trust, investing in the relationship, or dumping them before they dump you -- but can't technology provide a simpler solution?

What Crave would really like is to strap a GPS unit to our lovers' necks like they do to endangered species and highly dangerous parolees ("Look darling, I've bought you a lovely necklace!"), but luckily we've just come across something far more discreet -- World Tracker.

It's pretty easy to use -- just log on to the World Tracker Web site, buy yourself a few location credits (4 credits for £1 or 25 credits for a fiver) then enter the mobile numbers of the people you want to track.

World Tracker then sends an SMS message to the subject phone, which you'll need to reply to in order to activate the service. It'll then report the location of your subject with a map of their surroundings. It works surprisingly quickly and was accurate to around 500m.

You'll need to get the permission of anyone you want to track, and don't even think about signing them up behind their back -- World Tracker regularly sends text messages to remind the subject they're being traced. Check out their site for more info. -RR