Huawei Honor Band 4 and Band 3 Pro appear with heartrate, color screens

New Huawei wearables have been registered with the FCC.

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Huawei's previous inexpensive bands didn't have color screens. The Huawei Honor Band 4 does.  


Looking for a new fitness tracker? Huawei may have up to three of them on the way.

The first is the Huawei Honor Band 4. Huawei announced the Honor Band 4 at an event on Sept. 5 in China. The wearable has an AMOLED display, tracks your heartrate, is water resistant down to 50 meters, and is advertised as having a 14-day battery life with normal use. It's also the first Huawei Band to come with a color screen.


The Honor Band 4 will go on sale on Sept. 20 for 199 yuan (about $29, £23 or AU$41). Yes, Huawei's bands can be relatively inexpensive.

And Huawei may be gearing up to release more wearables soon. CNET also spotted a Huawei Band 3 Pro on the FCC's website, seemingly confirming things like its name, waterproofing, heartrate tracking, built-in GPS (which the Band 4 doesn't have) and smart notifications. It's also said to come with a color display. 

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Since the Huawei Band 3 Pro is still unofficial, there's no word yet on when it'll be announced. It's expected to be the follow-up to last year's Huawei Band 2 Pro .

A listing for a third Huawei Band also showed up on the FCC website, but there's a lot more mystery around that one. The band is unnamed and goes by its model number AW70. Besides that, not much info is given. Still, this could mean Huawei will release another wearable in addition to the Honor Band 4 and the Huawei Band 3 Pro.

Huawei declined to comment.

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