HTC Windows Phone Mango mobiles coming next week

Android, schmandroid. HTC's using its annual showcase to show off nothing but Windows Phone Mango devices next week.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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It's an exciting day in the mobile world. Nokia is planning something new with Symbian, there's a new BlackBerry in town, and next week sees HTC hold its annual showcase shindig. And from what we hear, it's bringing nothing but Windows Phone Mango devices. Good news for Microsoft, even better news for phone fans.

HTC will unveil two new handsets, the HTC Eternity and the HTC Omega, according to a source at the company who spoke to BGR. The Eternity will pack a 3.7-inch screen, while the Omega will sport a massive 4.5-inch panel -- that's almost as huge as the Dell Streak, which was almost a tablet. And look what happened to that.

The HTC Eternity will be on the AT&T network in the US, while the Omega will be on T-Mobile USA (or towering over it, staring down like Godzilla, given its size). There's no official confirmation for the UK as yet -- neither do we have any release dates. But Windows Phone Mango is rumoured to be out on 1 September, so don't expect to be kept waiting too long.

The handsets will be HTC's first to use Mango, the newest version of the Windows Phone 7 OS. Mango is the first major update to WP7, bringing more than 500 new features, including directly integrated social networking, live tile notifications, improvements to the Xbox Live gaming service, Bing indoor maps, and Internet Explorer 9 that's closer to a desktop browsing experience than previous versions.

Now, Nokia -- stop fiddling about bringing something new to Symbian and make your Mango phone official. You know you want to.