HTC tipped to be building Nexus tablet later this year

The HTC One-maker is rumoured to be making a Google branded tablet.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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HTC could be making a Nexus tablet, according to rumours concerning the Taiwanese phone-maker's business dealings.

News site Focus Taiwan cites Taiwanese paper Commercial Times as saying that HTC bagged a deal to produce a "high end" Google Nexus tablet that will start shipping between July and September -- though the site claims that the paper didn't cite any sources in its original report.

As such, it's worth taking this rumour with a healthy scoopful of salt, at least for the time being. When asked about the Nexus-centric whispers, HTC said, "we don't comment on rumour or speculation".

Nexus gadgets run an unadulterated version of Android, hot from Google's software bakery. Thanks to devices like the excellent Nexus 5 and the stellar Nexus 7 tablet, these Google-branded gadgets have a reputation for being both very powerful and affordably priced. 

HTC has form when it comes to making these gadgets for Google -- back in 2010 it built the very first Google Nexus One for the search giant. Since then however, LG, Asus and Samsung have been the only companies to construct the coveted Nexus products.

HTC also hasn't had much luck with tablets. In 2011 it dabbled with the HTC Flyer, which proved expensive and failed to make an impact.

The Taiwanese tech giant, which posted its first ever loss last year, has suffered at the hands of Samsung, which makes decent Android smart phones at a range of prices. Attractive gadgets like the HTC One (shown above) prove it still has some design tricks up its sleeves however.

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