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HTC staff urged to 'just quit' by former bigwig

If you work at HTC, "just quit" -- that's the advice of a former employee as the company sees more senior figures staff jump ship.

If you work at HTC, "just quit." That's the advice given to HTC staff by a former bigwig, as the troubled company sees more senior figures staff jump ship in the wake of disappointing sales for the flagship HTC One.

As the performance of the One sees HTC haemorrhage profit, chief product officer Kouji Kodera is the latest grand muckamuck to head for the hills. He follows three marketing bigwigs out of the door, as well as product strategy manager Eric Lin, who issued the stark warning to his former colleagues.

"To all my friends still at @HTC - just quit. Leave now," Lin tweeted. "It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear."

Despite being the the first phone to make a video call from summit of Everest, the flagship HTC One has struggled in shops. Stock shortages of the One and general poor performance saw HTC plunge to record low profit earlier this year. It's an all-round decent phone, but the One has been comprehensively overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S4, another Android powerhouse.

The One is reported to be next in line after the S4 to get a 'Google Edition', a version of the phone with the HTC Sense software stripped away leaving it with stock Android.

Is HTC finished, or is this slump just a blip? Should the good folks of HTC jump ship before it's too late? Tell me your thoughts or just leave now and head for our Facebook page -- it’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.