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HTC 10 gets a $100 discount this month

The struggling Taiwanese phone company is trying to tempt people to buy its flagship smartphone.

The HTC 10 is getting a $100 price drop.

HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker, wants to sweeten the pot for anyone looking to try out its flagship phone. If you buy the HTC 10 in the US this month, you'll get $100 off. The phone regularly costs $700.

You'll also get a $100 credit for HTC accessories, though that doesn't include gear for the HTC Vive, the company's compelling virtual reality headset. That deal also includes a warranty for the phone called "Uh-Oh" protection, which covers a cracked screen and water damage for the first year.

HTC has struggled recently. But the company is rumored to be working with Google on the search giant's next Nexus devices -- essentially the closest things to Google-branded phones -- which are expected in the fall.