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HTC, Samsung flagships set for new look, report says

HTC could offer a plastic casing with its One M8 in emerging markets, while Samsung may come out with a metal unibody version of its Galaxy S5.

Brian Bennett/CNET

HTC and Samsung might be taking a page out of each other's books with updates to their flagship handsets.

HTC is considering launching an updated HTC One M8 with a plastic chassis, Digitimes reported on Tuesday, citing people who claim to be in the company's supply chain. Samsung, meanwhile, is considering a metal-alloy version of its Galaxy S5.

Samsung and HTC are fighting a bitter battle over supremacy in the Android smartphone market. Last week, Samsung launched its flagship handset, the Galaxy S5, with a plastic chassis. HTC criticized Samsung's device while touting that its own flagship smartphone, the One M8, was a better option because of its metal case design.

HTC's change of heart is all about hitting a lower price point, Digitimes' sources say. HTC could be able to drop the price on its M8 $300 by switching to plastic in emerging markets where its metal-only design might prove too expensive. The sources didn't say why Samsung might be planning to go with an aluminum option.

CNET has contacted both Samsung and HTC for comment on the Digitimes report. We will update this story when we have more information. Given Digitimes' record, however, one would be smart to take this report with a grain of salt until the companies have their say.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a plastic body. CNET