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HTC One X will drop to $99 July 29

Likely as a result of Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) sales, HTC's flagship handset will see its price halved.

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Radio Shack announced today it is cutting the price of AT&T's HTC One X in half to just $99.99 this Sunday, July 29. And as of this afternoon, AT&T has matched that price online.

This new price matches up with similar reports hitting the Internet in the early morning hours. Considering the high-end Android smartphone is only a few months old, the $100 price drop is quite noteworthy. Chances are good that the deep discount comes as a rebuttal to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is now on sale for as low as $149.

Looking across the smartphone landscape, I'm seeing a trend in high-end models getting closer to the $100 price point. AT&T, for its part, will have three top models at this price including the Sony Xperia Ion and Atrix HD. While all three are attractive handsets with drool-worthy specs, the One X is perhaps the best of the pack.

It's not immediately clear whether this new price is temporary, but I don't expect it to return to $199 again. With the second half of the year underway, we should anticipate bigger, beefier Android smartphones in the next few months.