HTC One X and X+ denied KitKat, One still on track for 4.4 update

KitKat is on track to hit the HTC One this month, but the One X and One X+ won't get to enjoy the latest Android 4.4 software.

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KitKat is on track to hit the HTC One in a matter of weeks, but HTC has admitted that older phones like the One X and One X+ won't get to enjoy the latest Android 4.4 software.

"We are working with local carriers to begin the roll-out of Android 4.4 for the HTC One from the end of January," says HTC on its official UK Twitter account, confirming it's still on track for the planned KitKat update.

But the One's predecessors in the HTC smart phone line-up won't get to enjoy KitKat's chocolatey goodness, and will remain on Jelly Bean, joining the One S, which was last year denied any more updates.

We reviewed the One X back in April 2012, nearly two years ago, but the One X+ is barely a year old. You'd think they'd be able to continue to play nice with the latest version of Android for at least as long as a two-year phone contract lasts -- especially as KitKat has been specifically designed to work on older phones.

KitKat doesn't have a huge number of significant changes going on above the surface, but it does make more efficient use of a phone's workings so older or less powerful phones can run it, allowing more phones to join the crowd on the latest software and cutting down on Android's notorious fragmentation problem.

Is HTC's decision to cut off older phones fair, or do you expect updates to keep coming? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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