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HTC One source code now out in the wild

HTC's flagship phone is the latest Android handset to see its source code opened up to developers.

HTC releases the source code for various versions of the HTC One.
CBS Interactive

HTC this week released the source code for the HTC One, which makes it easier for developers to create new custom ROMs and apps that work specifically with the phone.

Keeping with tradition, the HTC Dev team added its new flagship device to a growing list of kernel source code, binaries, and updates. While smartphone owners don't immediately benefit when HTC releases source code this way, developers and modders find the tools quite valuable.

Those who like to root their Android phones will appreciate the custom ROMs that utilize some or all of HTC's custom touches. We might soon anticipate alternative ROM interfaces that feature BlinkFeed or Sense 5 components.

In addition to the HTC One, the company also released the latest version of source code for Verizon's Droid DNA.

It is worth pointing out that the HTC One code is specifically for the Vodafone UK and Vodafone France versions; however, it should be enough to get things moving. I would not be surprised to see ROMs designed around the HTC One touch down in the U.S. before the phone does.

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