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HTC One Max packing fingerprint scanner, coming 15 October

HTC is dropping heavy hints that the 5.9-inch One Max will be unveiled at a launch next Tuesday, and reports indicated it'll have a fingerprint scanner.

This time next week, HTC's going supersize. The Taiwanese phone maker has sent out invites for a bunch of events around the world next week, with the main one in China on Tuesday 15 October -- and it's dropping heavy hints that it'll be the well-rumoured HTC One Max on show.

The oft-quoted "people familiar with the matter" told the Wall Street Journal that the One Max will feature a fingerprint sensor, rather like the iPhone 5S. The sources didn't reveal what applications the sensor might have, but it's certain to be used for unlocking the phone, and possibly for authorising purchases too.

HTC's newest effort will be a larger version of the gorgeous and lovely One, with a significantly enlarged 5.9-inch screen, according to the WSJ. That'll likely still boast Full HD 1080p resolution, for a slightly less dense 373 pixels per inch -- still much more closely packed than Apple's iPhone.

Engadget, meanwhile, was invited to an HTC event in Taiwan on 18 October with the enigmatic phrases, "One finger opens up a big view. You are invited to immerse in the sound with us." That certainly hints at the fingerprint rumour being accurate -- and the huge screen too.

Other rumoured specs include the titanic Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, currently found stoking fires in the engine rooms of stupendously powerful blowers such as the Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2.

I'd expect to see a return for the One's ultrapixel camera, hopefully with some tweaks to improve its performance. Despite HTC's boasts of extra-large pixels to let in more light, it suffered from nasty image noise on both inside and outside shots.

What are you hoping for from the One Max? Are you sold on fingerprint scanners, or is it just a silly gimmick? Is 5.9 inches just too big for a phone? Make your mark in the comments, or over on our ginormous Facebook page.

Image credit: ePrice