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HTC One M8 UK price and release date

HTC is wasting no time with the brand new HTC One M8: it's on shop shelves right now.

The HTC One M8 is on sale today in the UK. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Want to get matey with the HTC One M8? Then stop reading this and pop your shoes on, because it's in shops right now -- if you're in London.

The major networks and phone shops are all selling the new HTC flagship, and it's on shelves in selected shops from 4pm today. If not, you can buy online, over the phone or in shops over the next couple of days. If you don't want a contract, the unlocked, SIM-free M8 costs from £530.

Read on for the details of where you can get your hands on the new phone -- and even bag yourself a free holiday.

Vodafone: Out now

If you just can't wait for your M8 and you're in London, pop along to the Vodafone store on Oxford Street or Kensington High Street, or choose a Westfield shopping centre -- Vodafone has the M8 in either White City or Stratford.

Meanwhile if you're outside the M25, put your wallet down, make a cup of tea and have a sit down for a bit, as the phone will be available in all other stores from this Thursday, 27 March.

Vodafone offers the HTC One M8 for free from £42 on Voda's Red 3G plans, which comes with unlimited calls and texts. The first 3000 lucky punters to buy their M8 from Vodafone also get an HTC BoomBass speaker, worth about £60.

EE: Free flight

4G network EE will sell you an M8 online or over the phone tomorrow, Wednesday 26 March. It'll be in EE shops on Thursday, in a choice of grey or silver.

Buy online and EE will pack you off on holiday, with a free return flight to one of 12 European destinations -- choose from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Milan, Munich, Nice and Madrid.

If you sign up to a double-speed £38 EE Extra plan, you'll get double the data -- 4GB a month, in fact -- for the entire length of your contract. The phone will cost you £29.99 up front and you have until 10 April to get involved.

More deals will be unveiled tomorrow.

Three: Unlimited data

Three wants to be your M8 with a flat up-front cost of £50, and a choice of four different two-year contracts. Monthly payments range from £38 per month for 600 minutes and 2GB of data, up to £44 a month for unlimited calls and data.

O2: House of Fraser

O2 also wants to be your M8 with a £38 monthly deal, which costs £50 up-front, with data doubled up to 2GB. On pay-as-you-go, O2 wants you to fork out £610, more than £50 above the unlocked SIM-free price offered elsewhere.

If you fancy some chunky knitwear with your M8, O2 is offering £100 of House of Fraser vouchers. I didn't even know House of Fraser still existed, but there you go.

Carphone Warehouse: Out now

Carphone Warehouse has the M8 in six London stores from around 4 pm today, including Oxford Circus, both Westfields, and Centrepoint.

You can also buy over the phone today, online at some point overnight, or from other stores shortly.

Phones 4U

The M8 is in Phones 4U on Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, High Street Kensington, and at White City. As well as a BoomBass speaker, if you opt for a 4G contract you also get a solid £25 of Google Play vouchers to spend on apps and games. The phone without a contract will set you back £530.


Online emporium Unlocked-Mobiles wants to sell you the new HTC phone for a very matey £535.