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HTC One M8 Mini lacks key features, leaker says

That's the word from @evleaks, who claims the M8 Mini will lack support for Fitbit, Motion Launch, and Panoramic 360-degree photos.

The as-yet announced HTC One M8 Mini, a smaller version of the popular Android-based HTC One M8, could lack some of the features that made the bigger model stand out.

HTC is planning to launch a "mini" version of the One M8 that will lack support for the Duo camera that allows for on-the-fly photo editing, prolific leaker and oft-correct @evleaks tweeted on Wednesday. The device's Sense 6 user interface will also lose support for Motion Launch and Panoramic 360-degree photos, the Twitter feed claims.

HTC's One M8 has impressed reviewers and users. CNET senior editor Brian Bennett gave the device a score of " outstanding ," or 4.5 stars out of 5, saying that the device provides "elegant style, raw power, and sophisticated features."

Much of the One M8's value to consumers is its dual camera lenses and the features provided by the Sense 6 software. If HTC ditches many of those items for a cheaper, smaller device, the handset may lose some of its value.

CNET has contacted HTC for comment. We will update this story when we have more information.