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HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update officially cancelled

HTC has cancelled the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the popular HTC Desire HD, leaving it stuck on Gingerbread.

The HTC Desire HD isn't getting Ice Cream Sandwich after all. HTC has officially cancelled the software update for the popular phone, leaving owners stuck on Gingerbread.

HTC has led Desire HD owners a merry little dance in recent weeks. It was Canadian phone network Telus that first revealed the phone would not get Ice Cream Sandwich, a claim publicly denied by HTC. But now HTC has admitted that no update is forthcoming.

HTC says: "After extensive testing, we’ve determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD. When we consider new versions of software, we weigh a number of factors, but ultimately the customer experience on the product is the deciding factor. We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused our customers."

HTC is not the first manufacturer to suggest that Ice Cream Sandwich isn't always good for a phone: Motorola and Sony have both resorted to claiming the new software isn't even that good anyway, and you're better off with Gingerbread. Manufacturers have also claimed that modern phones are so complex it's hard to organise an update.

The Desire HD is two years old, which doesn't sound that old but in phone years is akin to shuffling round sheltered housing singing Al Jolson songs and forgetting to wear shoes. After two years, many owners will be nearing the end of their contracts and nearing upgrade time, so you can easily trade in your stale Gingerbread handset for an Ice Cream Sandwich or even Jelly Bean phone.

Still, it's pretty eye-opening that a piece of kit barely two years old can't handle what isn't even the latest software. After all, Ice Cream Sandwich is a year old itself, meaning phone and software don't get on despite being only a year apart.

HTC promises the Ice Cream Sandwich update is still on course for the Incredible and Incredible S, the Sensation family, and the Desire S. There's no word on Jelly Bean updates yet, but we expect another round of update confusion when that hits.

Are you a Desire HD owner, or do you own a different phone that's struggled with Ice Cream Sandwich? Do you love looking out for updates or has the Android update cycle become a joke? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.