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HTC ChaCha gets slight makeover on way to AT&T

The Facebook phone gets a processor punch-up and tweaked keyboard configuration prior to its U.S. debut.

Will AT&T customers "Like" the carrier's version of the ChaCha (left) when it arrives this summer?

The HTC ChaCha has been tweaked a bit prior to its eventual arrival at AT&T this summer. Known in some circles as a "Facebook phone," the Android-powered device was announced at Mobile World Congress along with the HTC Salsa.

Pocketnow has obtained a leaked press photo of the AT&T-branded phone, which shows slight cosmetic differences from the European iteration unveiled in February. For example, the button configuration has been juggled a tad, and the Facebook icon has been updated.

While these design changes won't improve the performance of the ChaCha, a faster applications processor certainly will. Fortunately, that seems to be the case, as HTC's Web site now lists the smartphone with an 800MHz processor rather than the 600MHz processor HTC cited in its unveiling.

Both "Facebook phones" have been expected to come to AT&T since their announcement but given the recent movement around the ChaCha, I would look for that one first. My question to you, dear readers, is at what price point will you "Like" this phone?