HQ Trivia has a new word puzzle game, coming next month

The game is reportedly making big bucks and looking to expand.

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Mike Sorrentino

HQ Trivia is expanding, announcing Tuesday that it will debut the hidden phrase show HQ Words in October.

The new show will be the first complete spinoff of HQ Trivia, which over the past several months has experimented with sports, tech and movie-themed trivia nights on its iOS and Android app.

"We're trying to diversify a bit, and that's where my skill set comes in handy. My favorite part of working here is your imagination runs wild when you look at what we're doing and you apply that to any idea," HQ CEO Colin Kroll told Digiday, which earlier reported on the expansion.

The game plays out much like a round of Hangman. Players will see a blank phrase with a clue, and guess letters to earn points. You get three strikes per game, and whoever earns the most points wins the game's prize.

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While internet fave Scott Rogowsky continues as HQ Trivia's main host, along with rotating substitute talent, HQ Words is currently casting for its own host.

"With this new game, I think there is an opportunity to introduce a new type of talent, a different vibe," HQ Chief Creative Officer Rus Yusupov told Digiday. Kroll and Yusupov's company is also looking into other game concepts to potentially develop in the future.

The company is apparently making bank. Digiday reports that HQ Trivia's sponsored games, in-app purchases and merchandise have brought in $10 million in revenue.

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