Hoyts finds friend in PayPal

Hoyts and PayPal have joined forces to make it easy to buy movie tickets on your mobile phone.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
(Credit: CNET Australia)

One of the great things about this digital age is the redundancy of queues.

In days past you would need to queue for just about everything. These days you can shop for groceries, order pizzas, make reservations for restaurants and order a loved one flowers without ever leaving your computer chair.

While ordering tickets to the movies online isn't new, the cinema is still one place where the queue rules supreme.

Hoyts and PayPal have joined forces to bring what they are calling a world's first: buying movie tickets through PayPal using your mobile phone. Using an improved Hoyts mobile site, customers can browse session times and buy tickets for the feature, then pick the tickets up when they get to the cinema. Alternatively, customers can register a credit card at the Hoyts standard desktop website and use it directly.

The new PayPal payment option is available now at m.hoyts.com.au.