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How to view full track titles in iPhone iOS Music app

If you've ever been scrolling through your iPhone's music and found song titles that were too long to fit on the display, this tip will show you how to easily uncover the entire title.

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET

This is one of the quick and easy tips that makes iOS so remarkable. Yes, it's simple, but that small attention to detail makes all the difference in terms of user experiences.

Due to the iPhone's small screen real estate, compromises in how some information is displayed had to be made. A specific amount of characters are viewable when scrolling through the track listings on albums (in both landscape and portrait mode). When song titles are longer than the space available, an ellipses appears, indicating there is more to the title.

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET

In a world where nearly every song has a collaborative effort included in it, many popular song titles are too long for the iPhone. As noted by Mac OS X Hints contributor mingo, classical music track titles are often too long as well. But that doesn't mean you don't want to know the whole thing right?

To see the entire track listing, including the time of the track, simply tap and hold on the song title you wish to reveal. A pop-up bubble will appear with all the information you need. Easy as that.

This tip works in both portrait and landscape mode on the track listing section of the iOS Music app on the iPhone (the iPad does not use this functionality as the screen can generally display most titles).

You can also use the tap and hold tip on album titles, playlist names, podcast titles, and in the Videos app for similar functionality. What is your favorite simple tip for iOS? Let me know in the comments!