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How to use the new features of updated Google Maps for iOS

Learn how to use the new features of the updated Google Maps app for iOS, including dropping pins for both your starting point and destination, new restaurant filters and weather information for major cities around the globe.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Google Maps for iOS was updated this week, bringing the usual bug fixes and a handful of new features.

When you are using the app to get directions, you can now select your starting point and destination by tapping on the map instead of needing to know the exact address. When choosing either a starting point or a destination, there is a Choose on map option that opens the map with a red pin at its center. Move the map until the pin rests on or near where you'd like to start or end your directions. This new feature is helpful when you know where you want to go on the map but don't know the exact address.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The update also introduces the ability to filter a restaurant search by cuisine. When you search for restaurants by typing in restaurants in the search bar at the top for a location, tap the Filter button in the lower-right corner. Under the usual Price and Rating filters you will see a new Cuisine line has been added. Tap it and choose from 14 cuisine filters to narrow your search.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Google Maps now displays the current weather information for many cities across the globe. When you are looking at the map of a city, tap the location banner at the bottom of the screen, and above the Street View and Photos thumbnails you will see the current weather condition for the city if it's available for that location.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The iOS update also promises the ability to add transit directions to your calendar. I tried to find this new feature using both the stock iOS Calendar app and the Google-friendly Sunrise Calendar app but was unsuccessful in both endeavors. I'll post an update here should I figure it out. And please comment below if you have the answer.

Lastly, the Google Maps app for Android has added two new features of note: the ability to see your contacts when searching for an address along with aforementioned cuisine filters when searching for a place to eat.