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Use Siri to see which plane is flying over your head

Ever wonder where that plane you see flying above is heading? Siri can tell you.

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Siri can do more than set reminders or read emails to you, such as identifying which planes are currently flying above you.

When we first covered this tip way back in 2011, you had to use a specific phrase involving Wolfram Alpha, the service that Apple uses with Siri, in order for it to work.

Since then, Apple has streamlined the command along the way.

The next time you see planes overhead and are curious where it's heading, activate Siri and ask "What planes are overhead?"

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

That's it. A few seconds later a chart detailing the airline, flight number, altitude, and degrees off the horizon will show up. Another chart goes on to list the type of airplane along with slant distance, or how far away the plane is from you.

At the bottom of the chart is a small disclaimer, stating the data is based on a projection of where the plane should be using delayed data. In other words, if the plane isn't exactly where Siri tells you it is, it's likely close.

Editors' Note: This post was originally published on November 30, 2011, and has been updated with new information.