How to use QuickTime 7.2's new iPhone video export

How to use QuickTime 7.2's new iPhone video export

Ben Wilson

QuickTime 7.2, released yesterday, adds the ability to export iPhone-compatible video files -- if you've purhcased QuickTime Pro for $30, that is. There are two new formats offered:

  • "Movie to iPhone"
  • "Movie to iPhone (Cellular)"

The first exports video at 480x266 pixels, reducing file size and quality the the maximum level allowed by the iPhone (the device supports up to 1.5 Mbps throughput and 30 frames per second). The second delivers a much smaller file that is meant for delivery over EDGE.

Getting movies onto your iPhone with QuickTime 7.2 is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Open the movie you want to convert using the QuickTime Player application, located in /Applications.
  • Choose Save As or Export from the File menu
  • From the Export menu select "Movie to iPhone" or "Movie to iPhone (Cellular)
  • Drag the resulting file into the main iTunes window, which will copy i tot the iTunes library
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • In iTunes, select your iPhone from the Devices pane on the left-hand side
  • Check the box next to Sync movies: and choose the desired media
  • Click the Apply button in the lower-left corner

Note that if you're a Mac OS X user, you may want to consider some serious issues with the QuickTime 7.2 update before installing it, as covered by our sister site MacFixIt.

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