How to set up Knock Code on the LG G Pro 2

LG's latest flagship smartphone can be unlocked with a simple tapping sequence. Here's how you can set it up on your device.

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Watch this: Use Knock Code on the LG G Pro 2

In an effort to compete with Samsung and its powerful Galaxy S brand, LG announced the G2 in the fall of 2013. The flagship smartphone was the company's first device to be released on every major US carrier. In addition to high-end specs, the G2 stood out from the crowd with rear facing buttons and numerous unique software features. One of those features was KnockOn, which allowed users to turn the phone's display on or off by simply double-tapping the screen.

The KnockOn feature has since made its way to a number of other LG phones, such as the G Flex and the G Pro 2, with the latter also being the first device to include the company's new Knock Code feature. Using the same tapping action found in KnockOn, Knock Code lets users set up a specific tapping sequence that can be used to unlock the phone.

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If you opted to not set up a Knock Code during the device's initial setup process, the feature can be accessed in the phone's settings. Tap on the Display tab, select Lock Screen, click on the "Select Screen Lock" option, and then choose "Knock Code." Passwords can range from two to eight taps. According to LG, there are more than 80,000 different possible combination you can use.

After setting up your Knock Code you will be asked to create a backup PIN, which can be used if you ever forget your tapping sequence. The device can also be unlocked with your Google account or by using a special tool from LG.

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The code can be performed anywhere on the display, even when it's not on. You can choose to tap across all four corners or only a small portion of the screen; do whichever feels more natural to you. The KnockOn feature to turn the display on won't work with Knock Code enabled. The ability to turn the display off, however, can still be used with a double tap on the home screen.

LG is expected to include the Knock Code feature on numerous handsets moving forward. The company has also confirmed that some older models will receive the feature through an upcoming software update.

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