How to remove bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Tired of looking at apps you never wanted or use? Here's how you can rid yourself of pre-installed apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Andy Baryer

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Unlike downloaded apps from the Google Play Store, pre-installed bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can't be uninstalled without rooting. If you don't want to see any bloatware in your app drawer, the only other solution is to disable them so they become inactive. Here's how you do it:

In Settings under the Applications heading, click Application manager.

Screenshot by Andy Baryer

Swipe right until the All pane comes up. Here, downloaded apps give you the option to uninstall but pre-installed apps have only have a Disable button.

Screenshot by Andy Baryer

Click on the app and uncheck Show notification before pressing the Disable button. Repeat this process for all the bloatware apps you want to remove from your app drawer. Just make sure you don't remove any system-based apps, which are usually accompanied by a green Android logo.

Head to the Disabled pane to view all the apps you've removed. If you have a change of heart, you can easily re-enable apps by pressing the Enable button and checking the Show notifications box.