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How to master the Note 5's S Pen stylus

You'll get the most out of your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with these simple but useful tricks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 bursts forth with a stylish new glass-and-metal design and a matching new design to its stylus, the S Pen. Learning to use this tool in all its glory is one step that'll help make you a power user of Samsung's most powerful device.

This short video here contains my top tips to get you started, and I also encourage you to explore on your own.

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First piece of advice: insert your S Pen into the device point first, which is the right way. Samsung has gotten heat from users who have inserted their S Pens into the device the wrong way, end first. Otherwise, the pen could get stuck and first chaos, then sadness, will ensue.

I'll also show you how to jot memos even while the screen is off (and where to find them again); how to customize app shortcuts that you pull up with the pen; and how to find, download and use a whole lot more features for the Note 5's signature app, S Note.

Check out the video above, and catch my full Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review for more details.