​How to get Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC

Apple's streaming service is now live, but you won't find it in the App Store.

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Apple has released iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The update includes a series of bug fixes, along with a new app to access the company's new music streaming service, known as Apple Music. The service offers unlimited on-demand access to over 30 million tracks for only $9.99 per month for a single user or $14.99 for a family of up to six.

Also included with the iOS 8.4 update is access to the Beats 1 Radio station, which is available to free to anyone with an Apple ID. Beats 1 will go live on the air at 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET.

On an iOS device

You won't find Apple Music in the App Store, instead you must update your device to iOS 8.4. This can be done by going to Settings, followed by General, selecting Software Update, and clicking on the Download and Install button.

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Once complete, click on the white Music icon on your home screen. You will be given the option to either go to your music or to begin your free three-month trial of Apple Music. If you click the trial button you will be asked to choose a membership type (either individual or family), sign in, agree to Apple's terms of use and confirm your purchase (you won't actually be billed until after 90 days). This will give you access to the on-demand portion of the streaming service and features such as unlimited skips and saving music for offline listening.

Even if you don't sign up for the trial, as long as you are signed in with your Apple ID account, you can still access the free Beats 1 radio station, follow musicians on Connect, and listen to Apple Music radio stations (with ads).

On Mac and PC

Apple Music is also available on Macs and Windows computers. In order to use the service you will need to have the latest version of iTunes installed. To check for an update on a Mac, open the program, click the iTunes drop-down menu in the top left corner of the screen and select Check for Updates. You will want to be on version 12.2

On a PC, click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the screen, select Show Menu Bar, then click on Help in the menu bar and select Check for Updates.

Last updated on Wednesday, July 1, 2015: Information on how to get Apple Music on Windows and Macs has been added.

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