How to get an iPhone 4 for £99. Possibly.

If you're desperate to trouser an iPhone 4 but a little light in the wallet department, here's how to get Apple's new sonder phone for a mere £99

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Richard Trenholm
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Desperate to trouser an iPhone 4 but a little light in the wallet department? If you can't face the £500 or £600 price tag Apple has slapped on SIM-free handsets, Groupola wants to help, offering the phone for a mere £99.

Groupola arranges discount deals for its subscribers, which it says only come into effect if enough people sign up to the deal. Deals include tourist attractions, experiences, restaurants and the like, in 65 British cities and towns. The company says that subscribers to the daily deal email will receive a link on 1 July, which will become active at 9.30am the following morning, and from which the hundred quid iPhone 4 will be available.

If you're now casting glances in all directions for anything remotely catch-shaped, then you're one smart reader. There isn't a catch as such -- someone will bag themselves an iPhone for under a ton -- but you'd be wise not to base your future happiness around the certainty that it'll be you.

Here's our main reason for being sceptical: Groupola won't tell us how many iPhones it has. It could be a hundred; it could be two. If it is a hundred, the offer would cost Groupola 40 grand. What we do is know that the deal is likely to sell out in "minutes" -- so it's probably not a hundred. The loss will be a small price to pay for the PR buzz and more importantly, the many new recruits to the mailing list.

As PR stunts go, this is actually quite clever. It's essentially a competition, except the lucky winners have to pay for their prize. Cunning.

Our mothers told us if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, and Mama Crave didn't raise no fools. But we admit it: we're still going to click that link come July 2nd. He who dares wins.