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How to get a classic Instagram icon for app's 10th birthday

Instagram is also unwrapping a handful of other updates.


Instagram is now a decade old. The photo-sharing app first landed in the Apple App Store on Oct. 6, 2010. To celebrate, Instagram is unwrapping some updates and has a hidden birthday surprise that lets you switch up the icon for the app.  

The company teased the birthday Easter egg in a tweet on Tuesday, using emoji to lay out the steps. In response, people quickly posted videos of them following the steps and changing up their app icon.

There are 12 new app icons to choose from, including Instagram's classic Polaroid-like icon and a Pride-themed icon. 

Switch up your Instagram app icon

To find the birthday Easter egg, first head to the Settings page in the Instagram mobile app. Starting from the very top of the settings page, drag the whole screen down. You'll start to see a series of emoji. 

Keep dragging the page down until you set off an animation that fills your screen with confetti and you're taken to the App Icon page. You'll see the message: "To celebrate our birthday, this month we're inviting you to change your app icon to your favorite below."

Screenshot by CNET

In addition to the current Instagram app icon, you can now select from 12 options, like Classic, Dark, Gold and more, by clicking on the circle to the right. You'll get a pop-up message asking you to select OK

Once you click OK, you'll see the new Instagram icon on your home screen. Want to try a different icon or go back to the original? Just repeat the process.

Instagram said it's celebrating its birthday "this month," so it's unclear if you'll be able to switch up your app icon beyond October. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Stories Map and well-being updates

Instagram said it's also rolling out a Stories Map feature to users. Stories Map is a private map and calendar of stories you've shared on Instagram over the last three years. You'll have the option to share, download or save these stories to your highlights. 

The cmpany also on Tuesday detailed two new features aimed at reducing undesirable interactions on the app such as bullying and harassment. Instagram will now automatically hide potentially offensive comments, though you have the option to view these hidden comments if you want, and it's expanding its comment warnings to deter people if they repeatedly attempt to post potentially offensive comments.