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HouseKeeper app reminds you to do forgotten chores

Did you remember to clean the gutters? Replace the baking soda? Change out the water filter? This flawed but handy app sends e-mail and SMS reminders.

HouseKeeper won't actually straighten up your house, but it will remind you to do easily forgotten chores.

When was the last time you checked your dryer's vent tube? My guess is this serious fire hazard slipped your mind, as it routinely does mine.

Speaking of fires, isn't it time you replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors? Don't worry: That low-battery beep will remind you--most likely in the middle of the night.

Household chores like these are critical, but are usually difficult to remember. Enter HouseKeeper, a clever--if slightly incomplete--app that reminds you when it's time to replace the furnace filters, clean the chimney flue, and so on.

HouseKeeper lets you set reminders for 10 easily forgotten items, including the baking soda in your fridge, the water filter, the fire extinguishers (they're supposed to be inspected regularly), and even your toothbrush (conventional wisdom: replace it every three months).

For each item you can specify the date of your last action (like if you already replaced your toothbrush a month ago) and the number of interval days between notifications.

HouseKeeper will deliver its notifications via e-mail and/or text message. Unfortunately, standard SMS rates apply for the latter; the app can't deliver its own push notifications.

What's more, you can't add your own reminders. In my house, for example, I routinely need to add salt to the water softener. Where's the option for that?

Also, as with yesterday's App Genie, HouseKeeper lists its items in random, non-alphabetical order. What's up with that, developers?

Frugal iPhone users will point out that you could just as easily (and for free) set your own household-chore reminders in the calendar. But calendar items don't deliver e-mail/SMS reminders.

HouseKeeper ($1.99) definitely isn't perfect, but I love the idea behind it and hope the developers will update and improve the app. Because, truth be told, I always forget to replace the smoke-alarm batteries--and the reminder always comes in the middle of the night.