Honor 20 Moschino Edition could be the high-fash phone to flash in 2019

For those who desire a modish mobile, a new line by Huawei's sister brand should impress.

Katie Collins Senior European Correspondent
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Katie Collins
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A glimpse of the Honor 20.


Huawei's sister brand Honor is set to unveil its latest flagship phone series next month in London, and one version of the Honor 20 will come with a high-fashion twist.

As part of Honor's year-long partnership with luxury Italian fashion house Moschino, first announced in December 2018, the two brands on May 21 will show off the Honor 20 Moschino Edition, which will be accompanied by a Moschino-designed phone purse, phone case and theme. 

Unlike when the two collaborated on the Honor View 20 last year, Moschino has had a greater hand in designing this particular phone. The brand, which is known for its bold and playful designs, has chosen the color, material and finish that adorn the rear of the phone.

From Honor's own images of the device and purse, it's clear to see the overwhelming theme here is the color red. Both the phone and the purse, with its metal chainlink wrist strap, will come in the vibrant hue. With this first glimpse of what the Honor 20 will actually look like, we can also see that there doesn't appear to be a notch for the forward-facing camera, suggesting that China-based Honor could once again be relying on the "hole-punch" camera design.


The Honor 20 Moschino Edition will come with a carry purse.


From a shot showing the rear of the phone, it's impossible to tell whether the device will have three lenses on the back, or four like the Huawei P30 Pro . But the answer could possibly be hidden within the Honor 20 Series event invite, which showed a cryptic equation featuring only the number four.

For Honor, the May 21 event in London will be the first time it'll unveil phones in Europe without showing them off in China first. CNET will be on the ground to bring you all the latest news and our first-hand impressions of the phones as we get them.

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