Hold the phone: Nokia's Tube is the Nokia 5800!

New details and official pictures of Nokia's most sought-after handset -- the 'Tube' -- leaked this week, revealing its official name: the Nokia 5800. We've got the goss

Nate Lanxon Special to CNET News
2 min read

There's an event on next week. Actually, there are loads. But we have good reason to believe Nokia is going to unveil the oft-discussed Tube handset -- a fully touch-controlled music phone -- now also known as the 5800, because a big fat leak has hit the Net in the form of this official photo.

We last discussed El Tube back in June, after details first surfaced a few months earlier. Now, we know a heap of extra details.

The 5800 will be a quad-band 3G handset with HSDPA connectivity, the Series 60 Symbian OS, an 81mm (3.2-inch) 640x480-pixel touch-sensitive screen and a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash. GPS, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth will connect you up, plus there's support for up to 16GB microSD cards, 150MB of internal memory and a top-mounted 3.5mm headphone socket. It'll weigh just over 100g.

We'll be honest: although it's a high-spec phone, there's nothing massive entirely new in terms of features under the hood, even though the touchscreen will make these decent specifications more enjoyable. That big, high-res screen will make this one of Nokia's best mobile video handsets ever, if not the best, despite being a good year or so behind the rest of the world.

Now, what it doesn't seem to have: a front-mounted camera for video calling, a decent xenon flash, or a main camera with greater than 5 megapixels to compete with Sony Ericsson's C905 or Samsung's i8510 -- two phones that boast 8-megapixel cameras.

Regardless of what's on the inside, we'll be snagging the first hands-on report as soon as humanly possible. If you're one of the six Nokia fanboys in the UK, feel free to cross your fingers even harder for a phone that isn't just a rehash of an old model. -Nate Lanxon