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History of the iPhone poster now with 20 per cent CNET UK discount

We've scored you a sweet 20 per cent discount on ZDNet UK's ace History of the iPhone poster. Your walls will thank you.

Much like watching an adorable kitten chase a piece of string, our History of the iPhone video is both highly entertaining and thoroughly addictive viewing -- but hit pause for just one sec, as we have a sizzling-hot offer you would be a fool to miss out on. Are you a fool? No. No you are not.

Thanks to our partners in crime at ZDNet UK, you now have the opportunity to own the History of the iPhone for yourselves in glossy poster form, and -- because we cherish our Crave readers so -- we've scored you an exclusive 20 per cent discount.

Crammed with intense amounts of Apple genealogy, this intricately detailed iPhone infographic is the first in ZDNet UK's series of tech family tree posters. In our eyes, any family tree that includes both Captain Kirk and Steve Jobs has got to be worth its weight in pounds and pence.

The poster charts the many personal triumphs and tragedies, as well as the feats of design and engineering genius, that have contributed to the creation of the 21st century's most celebrated piece of technology so far.

Perhaps you need a splash of colour to brighten up a dreary room, or maybe a factually accurate, aesthetically pleasing technology infographic is just the kind of thing that usually graces your walls -- either way, this poster is bound to complement and enhance your current interior design scheme no end. Your home, in fact, will be incomplete without it.

Remember, this offer is a CNET UK exclusive, so shimmy your way over to our Facebook discount page to get 20 per cent off your very own History of the iPhone.