Hang your smartphone nearly anywhere with Bondi

This cute, bendy little guy works not only as a smartphone hanger-upper, but also a stand, a charging base, and even a doorstop.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Funky Rico

New from the Department of Things I Didn't Know I Wanted But Now Can't Live Without: Bondi.

This cute little gizmo is designed to hold and hang your smartphone. It has feet at the bottom, "hands" that hug your device, and a hanger-style head.

All these limbs can bend any which way, meaning Bondi is actually good for other purposes as well.

Here are some short commercials that show the Bondi in action:

So not only can the Bondi hang your smartphone in the car, on your exercise machine, or just about anyplace else, it can also prop up a book, hold your keys, wrap a bunch of cords, hang a notepad from your monitor, and so on.

I can definitely see the appeal of hanging a smartphone from a rearview mirror, a potentially great location for stealing glances at a GPS app. Likewise, if you're using your phone for hands-free communication, this puts it at a near-perfect mouth level.

The Bondi is available in 10 colors and sells for $20. Too bad it wasn't around a couple months ago, as it would easily have made my list of great holiday gift items.

As it stands, I may just "gift" one to myself right now. Your thoughts?