Haier Elegance: Listen, don't swallow

The Haier Elegance is a tiny music phone that will pop into a small pocket or bag and let you listen to your tunes with a normal pair of headphones

Andrew Lim

The Haier Elegance might look like a giant pill, but it's actually a very small phone. This handset is so small that when we put it in our pocket, it moved around as we walked. If you lack pocket space then it's worth checking out.

Impressively, Haier has managed to cram in an MP3 player and FM radio. You can listen using a standard pair of 3.5mm headphones or stereo Bluetooth ones. There's even an expandable microSD slot, which will support up to a 1GB card.

It has a good battery life due to the OLED screen, which doesn't use up too much juice, and you can charge it using a standard USB to mini-USB cable, which is handy since there's always one about.

Unfortunately, it's not all good: the Elegance's keypad and menu interface is fiddly to use and there's no camera. For such a small company though, we're impressed that Haier created a tiny music phone with a standard headphone jack, a much-needed feature not seen anywhere else in the UK market.

The Haier Elegance is currently available for about £165. For more information visit www.haiermobiles.com. -Andrew Lim