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GreatCall offers new calling plans

The mobile virtual network operator offers four new monthly calling plans that should appeal to frequent and casual callers.

GreatCall, the mobile virtual network operator that debuted the Jitterbug line of senior phones, announced new monthly rate plans yesterday. The carrier now offers four contract-free options designed for occasional and frequent users.

At $79.99 per month, the Simply Unlimited plan is the most expensive option, but it comes with the most features. You'll get unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, unlimited texting, and no data charges. The plan also includes free calls to GreatCall's operator service, free voice mail, and free use of the Daily Health Tips, MyCalendar, LiveNurse, and Wellness Call applications.

For a bit cheaper, the $39.99 per month Premium plan includes 400 anytime minutes plus unlimited nights and weekends. You'll also get the free applications from the Simply Unlimited Plan.

And if you still don't need that much, the aptly named Basic 19 plan offers 100 anytime minutes and the Daily Health Tips and MyCalendar applications for $19.99 per month. And even cheaper is the $14.99 per month Basic 14 plan, which comes with 50 anytime minutes and the two applications.