Google's Pixel Stand charges your phone and wakes you with a fake sunrise

Google has upped its accessories game for this generation of Pixel phones.

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Katie Collins

Getting a Pixel 3? Take a stand.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google announced the latest version of its flagship phone, the Pixel 3 , on Tuesday. While there's plenty exciting about the phone itself, Google's Pixel accessories game is strong this year.

Alongside the phone, it's introducing the Pixel Stand, a smart charging pad equipped with the smarts of Google Assistant . The stand props your phone up at an angle and will charge even if your phone is wearing a case.

Watch this: Google reveals the Pixel Stand for wireless charging

When the Pixel 3 is on the Stand, you can communicate with Google Assistant either via voice command if you're across the room, or using one-touch gestures if you're sitting right by it. 

You could pop the Pixel Stand on your office desk, it seems like it would be best placed on your nightstand, thanks to the smart alarm clock features it brings to the Pixel. The screen will slowly brighten, turning yellow (like the sun, get it?) ahead of your alarm sounding to wake you up in the morning. Thanks to Google Assistant knowing your morning routine, the Stand can then prompt your phone to show you the weather, traffic information and news headlines tailored to your preferences. Come nighttime, the Stand will automatically turn your phone to Do Not Disturb.

The Stand, which works with any Qi compatible device, will retail at $79 (£69) and will be available next month with the Pixel 3.